Why You Should Go Whale Watching In Arniston, Cape Town

Are you going to be visiting Arniston, Cape Town? If you’re going to be in the area, you should set aside some time for whale watching. It’s one thing to see whales in pictures, but it’s an entirely different thing to see them with your own eyes. Here’s why you should set aside some time for whale watching.

You Can Go On A Whale Tour

If you want to see whales, you won’t have to rent a boat and go out on your own. Instead, you should be able to go out on a tour of some sort. This will make it easier for you to see the whales that you want to see.

A tour like this can be an exciting experience, even when you can’t see any whales in the water. It’s likely that you’ll be able to learn a lot about whales while you’re on your tour, and you’ll be able to enjoy being out on the water as well.

This Could Be A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity

It isn’t always easy to see creatures like whales! If you don’t live in the Cape Town area, you may not have another opportunity to see whales anytime soon. You should take full advantage of this opportunity and make sure that you’re able to see whales while you’re in the area.

You won’t want to look back at your life and have regrets. If you have the chance to see whales now, you should take full advantage of it. This is something that many people never have the chance to do.

Whale Watching Can Be Affordable

If you look at the cost of a lot of whale tours, you’ll see many of the tours that are available are completely affordable. Even if your budget for your trip is fairly tight, you should have enough money for whale watching.

Don’t assume that this is something that you can’t afford. You might be pleasantly surprised when you see how inexpensive whale watching can be. You can treat yourself to a whale tour without spending an arm and a leg.

You Can Take Amazing Photos

Even after your tour is over, you’ll have lots of amazing memories that you can look back on. Beyond that, you’ll have plenty of spectacular photos that you can admire. Whether you bring a camera or simply use your phone, you’ll be able to take a lot of great pictures of the whales you see. You can capture video footage as well.

You won’t ever want to forget about the whales that you saw in Cape Town. That’s why you should document your experiences. You’ll want to show off the photos you captured to all of your friends and family members back home.

You’ll Gain A Deeper Appreciation For The World You Live In

Our planet is an amazing place filled with all kinds of creatures. It’s easy to forget about that when we don’t have the chance to see these creatures up close. However, when you go whale watching, you’ll be able to see some of the largest and most impressive creatures on the planet.

Being able to see whales could change the way you see many elements of the world. You’ll start to appreciate the world around you a little bit more.

Make sure you have the chance to go whale watching when you’re in Arniston, Cape Town. Although there are plenty of things for you to see and do while in Cape Town, whale watching can be especially exciting. Whales are majestic creatures, and if you have the chance to see them, you should take full advantage of that.

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Arniston, South Africa

A trip to Arniston, South Africa with your friends or family can offer you a chance to indulge in lots of fun activities. Arniston is the perfect place for you to unwind while in South Africa. Here are 6 reasons why you should visit Arniston, South Africa:

Historical Sites

The Agulhas coast is one of Arniston’s historical sites. You can easily spot the remains of shipwrecks on this coast. The popular fisherman’s cottage in Pratt Street and the scenic Kassiesbaai are some of the heritage sites that you don’t want to miss visiting while in Arniston, South Africa.

Whale Watching

Who does love watching some of the largest animals go about their usual business? Whales start coming to Arniston’s coastline from April to January. They come to this coastline every year. The peak season for whale watching is in September and October. They calve and mate during this season.


There are beautiful white sandy beaches right here at Africa’s southern tip – Arniston. You can relax as the water warmed by the ocean current flows over your body. Your young ones can build sandcastles on the white sands as you bask in the hot sun.

Arniston Beach is perfect for you to take a step back in time. You can watch fishermen heading into the sea in the morning. You can still welcome them back to the shore in the evening and find out what they have caught.

Hiking Trails

If you want to enjoy the real beauty of Arniston, going on hiking trails is the best way to do this. There are many hikes that transverse this diverse area. Don’t forget to gear up before going on a hike. You should have your backpack and hiking boots ready. Remember to carry plenty of water.

Arniston has undulated landscapes with lots of fauna and flora populating it. You can witness the changing landscape by hiking through its various trails. These trails start right from the town taking you open fields. They also take you to the coast’s rolling dunes. There are various hiking trails for you to meander through including the Rasperpunt hiking trail, the Spookdraai hiking trail, and the Sterna hiking trail.


Now that you’ve gotten accustomed to the beaches, why not go fishing? Fishing has kept the communities in Arniston thriving for a long time. It is time for you to have a piece of this cake. Pick the perfect spot to throw a line into the waters of the Indian Ocean. Wait and find out if you’ll luckily catch a fish.

Black Bream, Steenbras, and Galjoen are common in these waters. But who says the currents can’t surprise you? Still, you can wait for the fish to be trapped in the shore’s rock pools. If you want to take a deep fishing trip, arrangements can be made. Bait and tackle are provided for such trips.


There are excellent waters in Arniston for surfing. Tropical warm waters found in this region are quite reliable for surfing. Even more, these beaches aren’t crowded with many surfers and swimmers. You can have the best time surfing in this crystal clear waters that are warmed almost to perfection.

Although this hidden hotspot isn’t crowded, you need to be on the lookout for sharks. They visit these temperate waters. Also, don’t forget keeping an eye out for Agulhas reef’s notorious sharp rocks.

There are many reasons for you to visit Arniston, South Africa. You can have a great time with your family and friends. You can also visit Arniston as a couple and spend some intimate alone time. Still, there are lots of activities that will keep your young ones occupied.

8 Things To Do in Arniston, South Africa

Thinking of visiting Arniston, South Africa? Arniston is a small seaside settlement in Overberg District in South Africa. It was known as Waenhuiskrans, which means Wagon House Cliff. There are so many things you can do in Arniston. In fact, it is a perfect vacation destination spot for both individuals, families, and small or large groups.

Here are the things to do in Arniston, South Africa.

1. Waenhuiskrans Caves

It is a large sea cave. It is a landmark, which surrounds the nature reserve. The cave is big enough to fit a wagon. However, it is difficult to reach this sea cave because of the rugged rocks and a couple of crevices on the way. Climb over the crevices. Be careful on the rugged rocks because they are covered in barnacles and they are slippery sometimes.

2. Seaside Dunes

Want to experience coastal dunes? Seaside Dunes in Arniston are nice and beautiful. Also, the white sandy beaches along the coastline are unspoiled.

Love fishing? You will enjoy finishing here because it is a popular fishing spot.

You can spend afternoons with your family on seaside dunes. Because it is not overcrowded. So, it is peaceful and spectacular. Your kids will love it.

3. Kassiesbaai

It is an authentic little fishing village. It has well maintained historic cottages and stone and thatch houses where people live.

There are paved roads, so you will enjoy walking around. If you love walking and talking to the locals, you will love this fishing village. Because the people living here are friendly and helpful.

If you love local art, you can buy them here. Local people sell them.

4. De Hoop Nature Reserve

CapeNature manages De Hoop Nature Reserve, which is best known for its hiking trails in South Africa. There are 86 mammal species residing on this reserve. You can see most of these mammals by visiting this reserve. Additionally, the reserve has an extraordinary combination of a lovely ocean shore, marine reserve, and white dunes.

5. Mountain Biking

Love mountain biking? You will enjoy the natural beauty of De Hoop. You will find several mountain bikes trails on De Hoop Nature Reserve. To avoid discomfort, wear riding gear and use sunscreen. And please do not forget to carry plenty of water.

6. Hiking Trails

Klipspringer and Coastal trails of De Hoop allow tourists to explore the rich wildlife and plant on the reserve. Want to see whales? Whale Trail not only offers a chance to see whales. It also has a multi-day hike, which traverses stunning scenery.

7. De Hoop Coastal Trail

It begins at Koppie Alleen, which a perfect spot for whale watching. You can walk from here along the beach when the beach sand is suitable for walking. During low tide, the coastal limestone platforms are exposed.

However, be careful because it is easy to trample the fragile vegetation at the beach. You will explore rocky outcrops, rock pools, and limestone cliffs.

8. De Hoop Klipspringer Trail

The trail distance is 6km and it takes around 2 hours to complete. You will enjoy the breathtaking views of the Breede River Valley. You will see the Cape vulture colony. To enjoy hiking, wear a hat, sunscreen, and walking shoes. Hike with your friends or family. Carry enough water and food. Check the weather before starting. If hiking in winter, take a warm jacket or raincoat.

These are some of the things you can do in Arniston, South Africa. As you can see, you will never run out of things to do. You can visit Arniston with your family, especially if your family loves fishing. You will find the best fishing spots in Arniston.

What Are The Top Attractions In Arniston, South Africa?

Arniston is a small and quaint fishing village that is located in the Overberg area of the Western Cape of South Africa. This village was founded in 1815 after the HMS Arniston, a British transport ship, sank. This small town is also referred to as Waenhuiskrans. Roughly translated, this word means ‘wagon shelter cliff’.

There is also a large cave located in the area there large wagons were once housed and sheltered from the weather. An interesting fact about the cave is that it can only be accessed during low tide for no more than two hours a day.

This town is about two-hours away from Cape Town by vehicle. During this drive, the road meanders through the gorgeous rolling hills the region is famous for. You will also see nature reserves and pristine beaches during the ride.

Fortunately, Arniston has remained fairly untouched and the entire town is considered a national monument. Anglers still travel by boat to the sea much in the same manner as fishermen would have done during the early part of the 19th century. The only difference is that now most of the fishing that occurs in the area is a part of bigger commercial enterprises.

So, besides fishing, what are some of the top attractions in Arniston?


Do you have your beach towel? Do you have plenty of sunscreen? If so, the clear, white, sandy beaches are waiting for you.

Known for their clear, crystal blue water, the beaches around Arniston can easily compete with any Caribbean beaches.

The tropical backdrop is within reach for those who are in Cape Town. In less than 3 hours, you can enjoy your own little piece of paradise as the azure water and sandy beaches wink at you while you stand in the African sun.

Warmed by the ocean current, the breathtaking water allows for lots of fun and relaxation. You can enjoy several hours of surfing, snorkeling and swimming.

The two most popular beaches in the area are Roman Beach and Arniston Beach.

Waenhuiskrans Cave

Are you ready to travel back in time? All you need to do is let the rock pools along the shoreline navigate you to a hidden gem that was sculpted perfectly by the sea.

Partially named after the town itself, the cave is a natural wonder that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

It was carved from the relentlessness of the tides and the ocean, and it is a huge cave that appears to hold both wisdom and wonder. There is an old saying, ‘if the walls could talk’, and it is not anymore appropriate than when speaking of Waenhuiskrans Cave.

We would all by amazed at what information would be unmasked and unearthed by the cave’s textured walls. We would also be amazed and perplexed by the sight of the different creatures from the sea who have and are still seeking shelter under the cave’s salt covered roof.

Come and visit this enchanting cave. It is said that once you are inside of the cave, the burst of color that emits from the outside gives visitors a new appreciation for the colorful world in which we live in.


This is the home of the thatch roof, white-washed cottages that are hidden quietly behind the sand dunes. These are some of the most picturesque and beautiful heritage sites in South Africa.

The descendants of the families who founded this area have been able to maintain and preserve the very essence that makes up this two century old village. As a result, it is only right that visitors take time during their visit to Arniston to visit this village.

The owners of these cottages are ready to welcome all of their visitors with open arms to their homes, their town and their hearts.

These are just a few of the many attractions you can enjoy in Arniston, South Africa. You can travel the world over and never visit another community that is as unique and historic as this one.