8 Things To Do in Arniston, South Africa

Thinking of visiting Arniston, South Africa? Arniston is a small seaside settlement in Overberg District in South Africa. It was known as Waenhuiskrans, which means Wagon House Cliff. There are so many things you can do in Arniston. In fact, it is a perfect vacation destination spot for both individuals, families, and small or large groups.

Here are the things to do in Arniston, South Africa.

1. Waenhuiskrans Caves

It is a large sea cave. It is a landmark, which surrounds the nature reserve. The cave is big enough to fit a wagon. However, it is difficult to reach this sea cave because of the rugged rocks and a couple of crevices on the way. Climb over the crevices. Be careful on the rugged rocks because they are covered in barnacles and they are slippery sometimes.

2. Seaside Dunes

Want to experience coastal dunes? Seaside Dunes in Arniston are nice and beautiful. Also, the white sandy beaches along the coastline are unspoiled.

Love fishing? You will enjoy finishing here because it is a popular fishing spot.

You can spend afternoons with your family on seaside dunes. Because it is not overcrowded. So, it is peaceful and spectacular. Your kids will love it.

3. Kassiesbaai

It is an authentic little fishing village. It has well maintained historic cottages and stone and thatch houses where people live.

There are paved roads, so you will enjoy walking around. If you love walking and talking to the locals, you will love this fishing village. Because the people living here are friendly and helpful.

If you love local art, you can buy them here. Local people sell them.

4. De Hoop Nature Reserve

CapeNature manages De Hoop Nature Reserve, which is best known for its hiking trails in South Africa. There are 86 mammal species residing on this reserve. You can see most of these mammals by visiting this reserve. Additionally, the reserve has an extraordinary combination of a lovely ocean shore, marine reserve, and white dunes.

5. Mountain Biking

Love mountain biking? You will enjoy the natural beauty of De Hoop. You will find several mountain bikes trails on De Hoop Nature Reserve. To avoid discomfort, wear riding gear and use sunscreen. And please do not forget to carry plenty of water.

6. Hiking Trails

Klipspringer and Coastal trails of De Hoop allow tourists to explore the rich wildlife and plant on the reserve. Want to see whales? Whale Trail not only offers a chance to see whales. It also has a multi-day hike, which traverses stunning scenery.

7. De Hoop Coastal Trail

It begins at Koppie Alleen, which a perfect spot for whale watching. You can walk from here along the beach when the beach sand is suitable for walking. During low tide, the coastal limestone platforms are exposed.

However, be careful because it is easy to trample the fragile vegetation at the beach. You will explore rocky outcrops, rock pools, and limestone cliffs.

8. De Hoop Klipspringer Trail

The trail distance is 6km and it takes around 2 hours to complete. You will enjoy the breathtaking views of the Breede River Valley. You will see the Cape vulture colony. To enjoy hiking, wear a hat, sunscreen, and walking shoes. Hike with your friends or family. Carry enough water and food. Check the weather before starting. If hiking in winter, take a warm jacket or raincoat.

These are some of the things you can do in Arniston, South Africa. As you can see, you will never run out of things to do. You can visit Arniston with your family, especially if your family loves fishing. You will find the best fishing spots in Arniston.

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